Are you naturally sensitive or intuitive, picking up on energies that most people miss completely?

And does your natural sensitivity to energy sometimes get the best of you, causing you to feel drained and confused?

Wish you could embrace your sensitivity as the powerful gift that it is, rather than it constantly backfiring because you don't know what you don't know about your gifts?

Then this online course is for you!


Understanding Energy is an online, self-paced 8-week companion program to Sensei Victoria Whitfield's book Natural Intuition Now: Book One - Uplevel Your Life by Awakening Your Innate Spiritual Senses. This course is meant for those who want more structured practice and guidance on how to awaken and embrace their spiritual body.

Chances are, you're reading this right now because you know you're naturally sensitive and energetic -- some call it being "spiritual but not religious" or "open-minded" or "new age-y" -- and that's all well and good, and even kind of cool sometimes. However, you're quite aware of the downside to being sensitive to energy: the overwhelm, feeling like an outsider or "weird", and the seemingly endless "spiritual healing" and self-exploration you have to do.

It can get pretty exhausting and confusing. Your mind may race with questions like: "Which meditation should I do? What exactly is an aura? Am I making this stuff up or am I actually experiencing this? How do I protect myself from all the negative energy out there? Should I just avoid people altogether? Should I see a 'healer' or not? Why is this happening to me?" and so on.

Struggling to keep up with the new-age trends you've gone to the yoga classes, bought the oils, drank the green juice, said the mantras, seen the spiritual healers and psychic seers, got the certifications, listened to the youtube meditations, read the self-help books, and gone to the conferences.

And yet, somehow, you still end up feeling confused and blocked. 

You may feel like you've been going in circles, repeating the same lessons over and over.

Or worse yet, maybe you've come to believe that you can't move forward -- because you're not good enough, powerful enough, smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough, tough enough, popular enough, etc. ... as if you're destined to fail because, well, you never win at anything anyway...

Woah, there.

Be kind to yourself.

It's time for you to take charge of the situation and turn this ship around.

The way to start making that happen is by deepening your spiritual practice, which entails: shifting your mindset through studying energetic foundational principles, and making the principles real by putting them in to a regular spiritual practice.

And this course was designed fully support you in doing exactly that. Together, we can take you from stuck and sensitive to being an Empowered Empath...




✔ 4 1-hour in-depth recorded private lessons with Sensei Victoria Whitfield, delivered via biweekly emails, on the following topics (Value: $800):

Energy Anatomy, Mindset, Grounding, Meditation, Psychic Self Defense, Empathic Mastery, Angel Energy, and more

✔ 4 30-minute guided meditation MP3s, delivered biweekly with worksheet exercises for self healing and clearing (Value: $150)

✔ E-book PDF copy of Natural Intuition Now: Book One - Beginner (Value: $12)

✔ Private "Understanding Energy" online Facebook group for sharing insights and connecting with your TRIBE (Value: $197)

✔ Curated inspirational and high vibrational content from various visionary spiritual teachers (Value: $97)

✔ Lifetime access to all of the above (Priceless)


You get all of the above, and more, a total value of over $1200,

for your one-time investment of just $197


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