Love Letters | Stop Muffling Your Message

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Stop Muffling Your Message

Feel like your life or career has a bigger purpose?

Dreaming big, but hiding your dreams for fear of rejection and ridicule?

Waiting to find out when it will be your time to shine, instead of helping or watching everyone else around you make it?

Well, I have a funny story to share with you about this.

Watch this video to get the confidence to Stop Muffling Your Message and get out there in a BIG way.

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[Love Letters] Create Calm Anywhere. Be The Eye of The Storm.

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Create Calm Anywhere. Be The Eye of the Storm.

Are you constantly “putting out fires” instead of making progress?

Struggling to cope with free floating anxiety and stress?

Wish there was a natural way to have a sense of inner peace and calm anywhere?


Know this: How do you create inner peace? Be the eye of the storm. #H2LYS


Watch this video for a simple, nature-based technique to create a sense of calm anywhere!

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[Love Letter] De-Stress Your Work Desk

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[Love Letter] De-Stress Your Work Desk

Stressed out at work these days?

Feeling anxiety, depressed, bored or even trapped at your desk?

Find yourself daydreaming about escaping the drudgery and drab energy of the “Mondays” or “Mid-Day Slump”?

Raise the vibration of your work space!

This week’s video has easy techniques for bringing positive, healing energy to your office.

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27 Non-Food Love and Bliss Raising Activities for Holiday Gatherings

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27 Non-Food Love and Bliss Raising Activities for Holiday Gatherings




Awww… The holidays are the times when we come together as friends and family and do two things:

  • Stuff ourselves sick with sugary, fatty and greasy food.
  • Whine and get into fights because now’s our chance!

Right? EW! I wish I could be warm and fuzzy, but for some of us the holidays and celebration gatherings of any kind are a hot mess.

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Love Letter: 7 Strategies to Not Get Stuffed at Holiday Gatherings

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7 Strategies to Not Get Stuffed at Holiday Gatherings


Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the 4th of July, an office party, or Mother’s or Father’s Day – most of our celebrations these days are food-focused.

In a previous article I explained how we associate food with love and that is why we tend to stuff ourselves, especially at Thanksgiving.

However Spirit spoke to me this morning and said that it’s not just love, but we also associate food with appreciation and celebration. Any holiday or celebration therefore is a severe trigger for those of us who struggle with Emotional Eating and Emotional Stuffing Behaviors. So what on earth do we do about this?

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Love Letter: How I Lost 30 Pounds

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How I Lost 30 Pounds

Frustrated with your weight and dislike how you look in the mirror?

Struggling to keep to a diet and exercise routine, but do you find yourself getting nowhere or starting strong and petering out?

Wish someone could just show you what’s wrong with you?


This week’s video is an intimate look into how I personally lost 30 pounds and kept the weight off.

And no, the it’s not about diet OR exercise…


Know this: Weight loss? It’s not about pounds on the scale. Never has been, never will be. It’s about learning to Love yourself enough to BE your true self. #H2LYS

Weight-Loss-Scale love

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Happy Thanksgiving Binge!

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Happy Thanksgiving Binge!

emotional_eating_cycle cartoon

Hello my loves!

It’s the holiday season again and you know what that means – FOOD!

So I just want to take a moment and write to you about Thanksgiving; whether or not you celebrate it, the emotionally-charged energy of food and binging is very strong now – it’s just plain hard to avoid.

Thanksgiving is never just a little food, it’s an explosion of fatty, salty, sugary, heavy comfort foods. But also, it’s a time for family, friends, vacation and relaxation – or on the flipside, it’s a time for confrontation and arguments, long lines at the stores, crazy traffic and good ol’ fashioned STRESS. :) Sound familiar? Painful, right? Ugh.


I have to say, this is a strange holiday. We all force ourselves to sit around a table and gorge past the point of exhaustion, usually on “comfort foods” to feel all warm and cozy – very few of us health nuts will binge on just healthy foods. Either way, there is this sense of a ritual saturnalian “stuffing” that has been attached to the holiday.

My question is this, though: why does being thankful and appreciating all the blessings or wonderful people in our lives have to equate to stuffing our face, our stomachs and our colons dangerously full of food?

Well, I received an unexpected answer from Spirit just now as I’m writing this…

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