Love Letters | Permission to Shift Your State

Are you ready to give yourself permission to shift your state?

So many times as we go about our workday we’re focused on getting task, after task, after task done.

And before you know it, BAM! The sun’s down, everybody’s driving home, and you’re left wondering what happened…

If you’re not careful, you could miss out on an entire season!

Is staying glued to your computer screen or chained to your desk all day every day really that important? It can and DOES take a toll on your physical and emotional health.


Watch the above 9-minute video to understand how to shift your emotional and energetic state in a quick and easy way!

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Love Letters | Technique for Emotional Clearing with Archangel Michael

Do you suffer from chronic, free-floating anxiety?

Stress and overwhelm draining your joy and ability to focus?

Feeling emotionally “blocked” and wish there was a way to clear yourself?

Carrying excessive emotional energy can be exhausting, and we often carry way more than we’re even conscious of; it especially shows up in how you feel during moments that should be quiet and peaceful (but are antsy or worry-filled, instead).

Over the years, I’ve researched and come across countless mental and spiritual exercises to alleviate stress and anxiety, and Spirit has asked us to share one with you this week.

Watch the above video to learn a fun and easy technique to clear your emotional energy now!

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Love Letters | Giving Yourself the Silent Treatment

Too scared to say what you mean to say?

Feeling like you can’t speak up about what’s really weighing on your heart?

Do you keep your mouth shut because you’re afraid that you’ll be rejected or “look stupid” if you say what you think?

Deep down we all know that things left unsaid can slowly eat away at us. But still, we don’t say anything in an effort to “keep the peace.”

Are we really keeping the peace though if it’s at the expense of our health? Because inner turmoil and repressed feelings certainly aren’t healthy!

Watch the above video to learn how to break the silence and speak up for yourself with love and healing!

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Love Letters | The Secret to Being Fulfilled in Life

Have you ever wondered what your life’s purpose is?

Do you work to support a life you love, or do you live to work?

Still waiting to feel like you’ve finally “made it” in life, after all this time?

Sometimes our daily routine of work, home, sleep, repeat can get painfully boring, to the point that it can make life seem devoid of meaning.

But didn’t they tell you that having a “nice” place, driving a “nice” car, keeping up with your bills and being “nice” to everyone should make you feel happy and fulfilled? That’s the secret, right? WRONG!

Watch the above video to discover the secret to finally being fulfilled in life!

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