Love Letters | Getting Started with Meditation

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Getting Started with Meditation

Are you tired of feeling stressed out, anxious and easily distracted?

Feel like you can’t “turn off” your mind and give yourself a rest?

Wondering what the heck meditation really is exactly?

To many people, meditation is a mystery or seems impossible. Still others think you have to be some monk cooped up in a mountain all day and night to meditate — but this is totally not true!

It’s actually quite easy — you can even start meditating in just 10 seconds right here and now! That is, you can do it if you change your mindset about what meditation is.

Watch the above video to learn how you can get started meditating now!

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Love Letters | What Are Energy Vampires and Etheric Cords?

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What Are Energy Vampires & Etheric Cords?

Do you feel exhausted after talking to certain people and don’t know why?

Annoyed how certain activities suck up way more of your time, yet leave you feeling like nothing much has actually gotten done?

Frustrated that no matter how much you give at work or at your organization, the more they ask of you?

There’s a term for things that drain your energy — spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, etc. — and it’s called an Energy Vampire.

As hard-working, sensitive, loving and giving people, we tend to attract them — Yikes!

Watch the above video to learn what an Energy Vampire is, and what to do about it.

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Love Letters | Knowledge Is Not Power

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Knowledge Is Not Power

Have you lost track of how many certifications and degrees you’ve gotten, yet still feel like it’s not enough for what you want to do?

Constantly reading more books and articles on personal development and happiness, and feeling frustrated that you still feel like you’re always starting at square one?

Wondering when you’ll be prepared or qualified enough to finally go for your dream?

In school and in the media they tell us that “knowledge is power.” But it seems like the more we learn, the less we know, and the more inadequate we feel.

If that’s how it works, then how can we get to feel powerful and adequate?

Watch the above video to explore why knowledge by itself is NOT power!

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Love Letters | Are You Afraid of Abundance?

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Are You Afraid of Abundance?

Is it hard for you to take compliments because you doubt people’s sincerity?

Resistant to others offering to help you, thinking you’ll appear weak or that you “should” do it all yourself?

Avoiding calling back that great contact you just met or even that friend you miss, and don’t know why?

Though we often ask Spirit for abundance–not just of money, but also of friendship, love and health, etc.–we can be resistant to receiving what we asked for when the opportunity finally comes our way.

Believe it or not, it’s because we’re actually afraid of getting what we want. Yikes!

Watch the above video to start learning to receive abundance without fear!

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Love Letters | When Your Yes Means NO

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When Your Yes Means NO

Do you have a hard time saying “no” to people?

Always end up kicking yourself afterward, because you’re too quick to say “yes” when others ask you if you can do something for them?

Wondering why you have trouble knowing and respecting your own boundaries?

Chronic people-pleasing behavior comes from our core human desires for significance and approval.

It’s natural to want to feel significant and approved of, but it’s a whole other can of wormy worms when you’re dependent on others to feel emotionally secure.

Watch the above video to embrace the fact that your yes actually means no sometimes, and what to do about it!

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Love Letters | Dealing with Stress and Negativity at Work

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Dealing with Stress and Negativity at Work

Stressed out at work these days?

Can’t handle the negativity in your workplace?

Wish you could improve your “work-life balance”?

Feeling comfortable and healthy being a highly sensitive, spiritual and creative individual like yourself can be quite tough when you have to expose yourself to a toxic work environment every day.

Inconsiderate or insensitive bosses, clients and coworkers can really drain your energy if you don’t learn to protect and manage it while at work.

Watch the above video to learn how to begin dealing with stress and negativity while at work!

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Love Letters | Let Go and Forgive

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Let Go and Forgive

Having a hard time letting something go?

Still angry about what happened and can’t forgive them, or yourself?

Know you “should” stop holding on to the past, but just don’t know how?

It seems like every therapist, spiritual teacher, healer and guru tells us to “let go” so we can heal. But it seems like they just don’t see how that is WAY easier said than done, right? JEEZ!

One way you can begin to let go and forgive is to understand why you’re holding on, and what causes you to hold on in the first place.

Watch the above video to learn how to begin letting go to free yourself from the toxic energy of unforgiveness!

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Love Letters | Finding The Love in Your Loneliness

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Finding The Love in Your Loneliness

Feeling lonely lately?

Frustrated because you feel alone in your problems?

Longing for more love and companionship?

Loneliness can actually be a Dark Gift from Spirit. A “Dark Gift” means the gift of learning and mindset shifts that come only through trials and experiencing difficulty.

The feelings you have are in your heart for a reason, and loneliness–once you understand it–is meant to heal your life.

Watch the above video to learn how to find greater love in your loneliness!

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Love Letters | Unlocking Unlimited Abundance

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Unlocking Unlimited Abundance

Worried about your finances, and struggling to attract the abundance you desire?

Thought you’d be farther along in life by now?

Feeling like you’re still not “good enough” no matter how hard you try?

Believe it or not, you are already living very abundantly. Yes, I know that sounds annoying to hear right now, but it’s true!

Your mindset, however, can be preventing you from seeing how abundant your life is, and can even be putting a cap on how much abundance you will experience.

Watch the above video to learn how to shift your mindset to unlock unlimited abundance!

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Love Letters | Dealing with Negativity

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Dealing with Negativity

Can’t seem to escape all the negativity?

Finding it harder to stay positive these days?

Negative people, news, places and self-talk got you down?

It’s hard to stay bright and positive all the time when most of the world is driven by negative and pessimistic inspiration.

How many times have you been having a great day, feeling happy and connected, only for one news headline or snide comment from some angry person to knock you all out of whack?

Watch the above video to learn about the nature of negativity and how to deal with it with grace and ease!

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