Love Letters | How to Cure A Lack of Self-Confidence

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How to Cure A Lack of Self-Confidence

Wish you were more confident?

Think you are too shy, introverted or quiet?

Always feeling unsure of yourself, especially in social settings, or presentations at work or school?

It’s time for you to stop hiding — you are now allowed to let your light shine!

Yay! But where the heck do you start when building self-confidence?

Watch the above video to learn a fun and exciting technique for rapidly building authentic self-confidence!

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Love Letters | Making Massive Change in Record Time

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Making Massive Change in Record Time

Tired of the same old routine?

Amazed how certain people can make BIG changes quickly?

Wishing you could, too, but don’t know where to start?

Most people think making big changes entails a long, arduous process.

However, the Energy has shifted – in fact, there are specific ways to speed up the process that you can implement immediately.

Watch the above video to learn how to make massive change in record time!

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Love Letters | How to Meditate and Why You Should #MLMM

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How to Meditate and Why You Should

Convinced you can’t meditate?

Have you tried and tried, but just can’t seem to quiet your mind or focus at all?

Wondering what’s the point to this “meditation thing” anyway?

Meditation is a powerful practice that can attract abundance of all kinds into your life very quickly.

And although you may think you can’t meditate, chances are that you’re already meditating and just haven’t realized it yet.

Watch the above video to learn how easy it is to meditate and understand exactly why it’s a crucial daily practice for increasing your spiritual health!

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Love Letters | Self-Love and Acceptance #MLMM

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Self-Love and Acceptance

Have you always tried to “fit in” – changing your looks, your demeanor and yourself to survive, but lost yourself along the way?

Constantly worried that you’re not enough yet in life – not educated enough, not attractive enough, not making enough money, etc.?

Find yourself saying “I just wish somebody would love me for me” more and more?

There’s a fine line between personal development for self acceptance and personal development for self rejection.

How can you receive authentic abundance if you do not authentically believe you are whole and worthy of it right now?

Watch the above video to explore the question “WHY am I a spiritual seeker?” – are you seeking to authentically love yourself as you are or to hide from or reject the real you?

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Love Letters | Moving On Is A Mindset #MLMM

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Moving On Is A Mindset

moving on is a mindset

Are you too afraid to move on because you feel like you’re betraying or losing someone?

Holding on to a relationship, business or idea that is gone or doesn’t serve you anymore because it’s all you’ve ever known?

Allowing yourself to be emotionally and spiritually drained by someone you love just so you can keep the peace?

If you said “Yes! That’s me!” then Spirit is sending you an opportunity to shift your mindset in a BIG way this year.

In fact, if you can uplevel your mindset around moving on in honesty and in love, you can and will attract More Love and More Money into your life.

Watch the above video to find out what’s been holding you back from moving on once and for all!

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Retreats @ The Dojo: Empowered Empath Retreat

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empowered empath image

Psychic Self Defense Retreat

Saturday, February 28th 10:00am – 3:00pm


Are you an empath or an intuitive healer, and TIRED of feeling drained by other people’s chaotic energy?

Known as “The Strong One,” are you always the one that gives and gives in relationships, but often find yourself feeling used like a doormat—or even like a slave?

Wish you could feel safe, confident and powerful wherever you go, with a natural sense of ease and balance that is unshakeable?

If so, then this retreat is for YOU!

Unleash your Inner Spiritual Army of protection and confidence with Sensei Victoria Whitfield at her dojo during this intimate retreat intensive.

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Love Letters | The Missing Key to The Law of Attraction #MLMM

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The Missing Key to The Law of Attraction

Wondering why the Law of Attraction works for everyone except you?

Vision boards, abundance meditations and mantras lacking their power these days?

Think the movie The Secret was a load of crap? (LOL!)

You’re closer to attracting what you want than you may think you are — you’re just missing one simple key to the energetic equation.

Did you know that you don’t have to be “special” or “enlightened” to really master the Law of Attraction? There are simple yet commonly overlooked ways to raise your vibration to be in alignment with attraction energy.

Watch the above video to learn the missing key that unlocks The Universal Law of Attraction for YOU, too!

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Love Letters | Allowing Fear #MLMM

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Allowing Fear

Are you avoiding the truth about what’s really going on for you right now?

Afraid to start that next project or venture because you think you’ll fail — or succeed and lose it all?

Suffering from “analysis paralysis” and non-stop anxiety?

Your Spirit is bringing you opportunities to advance in life, and it’s actually natural for you to have a big breakdown before your big breakthrough.

Believe it or not, this time can significantly raise your Abundance Vibration, if you ALLOW it to.

Watch the above video to learn one powerful mindset shift that can help you move from feeling blocked, fearful and timid to taking massive action with clarity and ease!

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Love Letters | Self-Sabotage #MLMM

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Ready to change your life for the better, but keep running into roadblocks?

Feel like you are you’re own worst enemy?

Wondering why you keep avoiding and dancing around taking that one big step in life that would be really good for you?

Your Spirit is bringing you opportunities to experience More Love in your life, but in order to receive it you need to understand exactly why you self-sabotage.

This time is raising your Abundance Vibration.

Watch the above video to learn how to heal self-sabotaging behaviors so you can actually use them to shift to an attractive, abundant mindset!

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