Love Letters | Stress vs. Practicing Acceptance – Part 1

Feeling stressed out lately because everything’s changing?

Having a hard time forgiving someone who does things different than you?

Can’t believe that things are not working out the way you expected?

One of the biggest sources of stress is the inability to practice acceptance of how things are.

More often than not, we unconsciously try to force the world to fit our version of how it “should” be, rather than staying non-judgmental and open.

Watch the above 11-minute video to learn to relax and stop “shoulding” all over yourself!!

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Love Letters | Something’s Got to Give

Are you having a hard time recognizing, respecting and communicating your own personal boundaries to others?

Wondering why you always end up being the only one giving or trying to make things work in relationships?

Disappointed that your partner or coworkers never pick up the slack when you need them to?

Spirit wants you to know that there has to be a clear line in the sand for you between what you’re willing to put up with in life and what you want.

The energy this week wants to discuss why we let ourselves — as well as the people in our lives — get away with highway robbery overstepping boundaries.

Watch the above 16-minute video to make sure the something that’s got to give isn’t your sense of personal wellbeing!

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Love Letters | Protect Your Joy – Part 2 of 2

Wondering exactly how you can create a happy, healthy life, sooner rather than later?

Feeling anxious and unsafe, as if you’re constantly worried that other people or circumstances are going to steal your joy?

Do you know that you need to have stronger boundaries to better protect your positive energy, but don’t know where to start?

When we as spiritual seekers, sensitives and empaths start exploring psychic self-defense, it’s usually because we’ve experienced being overwhelmed or drained energetically, and we want to protect ourselves from that happening again.

But protecting yourself is very different than shutting down or shutting everyone out; mastering your energy entails more than taking the “all or nothing” approach to spiritual and emotional energy management.

Watch the above 11-minute video to learn how balance protecting your energy WHILE staying open!

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Love Letters | Protect Your Joy – Part 1 of 2

Feeling depressed because of a recent breakup or loss of your job?

Do negative news reports, commercials or traffic jams always have a way of ruining your day?

Wish you could just be plain happy already, without all the setbacks knocking you off your unicorn?

I feel you! It seems like every time you relax or start to make it a beautiful day, something has to come along and “test” you, right?

But what if you’re tired of being tested by Spirit?

Watch the above 10-minute video to begin exploring how you can create and protect your joy, rather than feeling like everyone’s stealing it all the time!

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