Love Letters | Dealing with Negativity

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Dealing with Negativity

Can’t seem to escape all the negativity?

Finding it harder to stay positive these days?

Negative people, news, places and self-talk got you down?

It’s hard to stay bright and positive all the time when most of the world is driven by negative and pessimistic inspiration.

How many times have you been having a great day, feeling happy and connected, only for one news headline or snide comment from some angry person to knock you all out of whack?

Watch the above video to learn about the nature of negativity and how to deal with it with grace and ease!

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Love Letters | What Is Reiki?

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What Is Reiki?

Hearing about Reiki more and more these days, and still left wondering just what is it exactly?

Curious if Reiki is right for you or not?

Are you a Reiki practitioner that’s struggling to describe Reiki to others, changing it every time?

Reiki is powerful and deeply meaningful to those who experience it firsthand, and most people recommend trying it above having to explain exactly what it is, shying away because they don’t have the words to convey it clearly.

However, it’s essential to have a clear definition of Reiki, and what it is not, because clarity itself is healing. When we as Reiki channels are unclear in communicating what Reiki is, it affects our ability to maintain the healthy state of flow, balance and centeredness that supports the best health of our clients and students.

Watch the above video to enter the discussion around “what is Reiki?” and to find out exactly how to answer that question with confidence and clarity!

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Love Letters | Dreamwork 101

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Dreamwork 101

Wish you could remember your dreams?

Ever wondered what it would be like to lucid dream, or to finally understand that recurring dream or nightmare you had?

Want to get advice from your dreams, but don’t know where to start?

Dreams are powerful guides to life; they hold the key to the infinite power of your Subconscious Mind.

In fact, in Shamanic spiritual traditions, dreams are regarded as the true reality, while this waking life is the real “dream.”

Watch the above video to to get started remembering and interpreting your dreams!

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Love Letters | Stop Speaking Your Mind

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Stop Speaking Your Mind

Are you “stuck in your head” often because you’re so stressed out and busy these days?

Feeling frustrated that you’re not getting through to people, or that your loved ones, clients or colleagues aren’t quite connecting with you in the way you would like them to?

Worried that when you talk no one hears you, or do you even feel that people think you are “ranting” or “rambling” all the time?

Communication issues have to do with the part of your energetic body that’s called the Throat Chakra.

The Throat Chakra governs your ability to speak up and be heard with clarity and authenticity in this lifetime.

Watch the above video to explore why you should stop “speaking your mind,” and what you should start doing instead, to heal your communication issues!

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Love Letters | The Sacred Practice of Journaling

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The Sacred Practice of Journaling

Do you feel “blocked” emotionally and spiritually, or even suffer from “writer’s block”?

Feeling scattered and having a hard time focusing and getting things done these days?

Need to have a difficult conversation with someone, but you’re avoiding it because you don’t know where to start or what to say?

It’s time for you to engage in the sacred healing practice of Journaling.

Journaling is essential for opening and balancing your Throat Chakra; it sends healing energy to improving your communication with yourself and others.

Watch the above video to explore how you can overcome any emotional block or writer’s block easily right now, with journaling!

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Love Letters | Supercharge Your Food with Energy Balls

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Supercharge Your Food with Energy Balls

Feeling tired and low energy lately?

Need to lose some weight and improve your nutrition?

Struggling with addiction and always finding yourself craving more sweets, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.?

Did you know you can raise the vibration of your food and drink right now for FREE? You can!

There is a natural way to bring more positive energy and love to your relationship with food and your body, and it doesn’t entail counting calories: Energy “Chi” Balls!

Watch the above video to learn to create an Energy Ball and use it to supercharge your food!

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Love Letters | 3 Ways to Relax at Work

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3 Ways to Relax at Work

Stressed out at work?

Feel like you are constantly putting out fires left and right?

Wish there was a way to be productive AND have more peace and calm while you’re working?

Believe it or not, you are 100% responsible (and in control of) how you feel at work.

When you’re stressed out, it’s easy to blame your coworkers, customers or managers for how you feel, but how you feel actually is up to you, regardless of how crazypants dramatic or annoying they get.

Watch the above video to learn 3 ways to relax while at work that can be done while working — no meditation break needed!

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Love Letters | Problems with Positive Thinking

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Problems with Positive Thinking

Struggling to stay positive?

Do you cover up feeling angry or depressed because you’re known as “The Happy Person” or “The Strong One” and don’t want to look like a fraud?

Feel like being positive is being fake, delusional or lying to yourself?

Everybody and their mother in the personal development, self-help and health and  wellness industries tell us to think positive as much as we can.

But what do we do when we feel fake and ungrounded in doing so? Or what happens if only looking at the positive causes communication problems?

Watch the above video to explore the three problems with positive thinking and how you can start living a more authentic life!

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